Bartender Catches Flak For Mocking Common Drink Order

If the golden era of Buzzfeed quizzes is anything to go by, we can tell a lot about somebody by their go-to drink order. We can often use our poison of choice as a way of sending out some not-so-subtle signals about our identity and personality. Drinking a Bud Light? You are quite possibly an amalgamation of everyone’s dad. Feel like a Cosmo? Sex And The City ended a long time ago but hey, you do you.

By the same token, sometimes we just order a drink because it’s what we feel like having. Even if we go for a choice that’s not so appealing to many people, we want the freedom to be able to place our order at the bar without facing any judgment.

Unfortunately for the gross alcohol orderers among us, that doesn’t always happen. This has been recently evidenced by @its.lil.zink, a bartender on TikTok who has faced backlash for a controversial edition of her «Things that may be legal, but make you look like an alcoholic» series. In the video, she suggests that ordering a double vodka water is a sure sign of this.

Her point of view left viewers incensed, with many pointing out that there were a lot of different, valid reasons for this to be somebody’s drink order. While this may be true, there’s no denying that this beverage does not really seem like a delicious prospect.


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