‘Birds Aren’t Real’ Founder Trolls Chicago’s WGN Morning News

It should come as no surprise that Peter McIndoe, founder of the ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ movement has a sense of humor. The «movement,» which started in 2017 as a sort of meme page joke, has exploded in recent years,. The 23 year old’s kooky parody initiative has attracted the attention of many media outlets – even the New York Times. McIndoe’s most recent media appearance, however, was a little less serious than the detailed and complimentary feature in the times. While talking to WGN Morning News, Peter interrupts the interview when an alarming explosion of a milk-like substance shoots out of his mouth. He blurts out that he’s really nervous. The WGN anchors were unfazed.

While the stunt may seem like an obvious troll to seasoned internet users, the Twitter response suggests that quite a few people fell for it. Some even showed concern. We’re just glad that McIndoe’s brilliant project is getting more airtime, no matter how absurd.



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