Bold and Risky Statements That Eventually Aged Like Milk

Everybody is wrong sometimes. Yes, even those of us who are chronically in denial about the fact that we sometimes don’t have all the facts. If we didn’t have opinions and predictions that we later looked back on as kind of whack, we would never grow as people

At the same time, it is often impressive how badly incorrect some of us manage to be. Hindsight is a crazy thing, and it can make a lot of actions or statements that made perfect sense at the time to become completely ridiculous. There’s plenty out there on the internet that has aged hideously, and unluckily for the people who created it, we can’t help but keep a record. 

Looking back on when we got things wrong is embarrassing, but it can also be hilarious. Plus, some of these predictions deserve to be shamed for being terrible. None of these examples would make good fortune tellers, that’s for sure.

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