Brutal Banter Between Male Friends That Treads A Fine Line Between Comedy And Tragedy

Many of the best friendships are the ones that are the most questionable at the same time. While it’s easy to cross the line between teasing your friends and just being plain rude, the ability to both make and take a joke about the many the crappy things that life throws at us is one of the best parts of being able to know somebody. 

Nobody knows this better than your average dude. What with all that societal expectation to repress those difficult emotions, one of the least toxic ways it comes back out again is humor. Not too long ago, this was highlighted in a Twitter thread. In it, @Unkle_K commented on how as a man, you can watch your pals go through some traumatizing situations. So long as they live to tell the tale, though, this makes you fair game for jokes.

Many men replied to the thread with some completely wild stories to back up this theory, proving that nearly anything flies when it’s your buddies bringing the punchlines. One thing’s for sure, any washed up comedian who ever complained about «woke culture» ruining our sense of humor got things very, very wrong.

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