Cat Owners Share Things About Cats That People Don’t Know Until They Get One

I will be honest with you all: I’ve never owned a cat. I’ve been a dog girl my entire life, and when interacting with my friend’s cats, I feel at a loss. I don’t know how to make a cat like me, and so far, I’ve been unsuccessful. I try to pat them and pay attention to them, but I get discouraged when they don’t immediately show any interest in me. Two of my friends recently got a kitten, and I think imprinting onto a baby cat is the way to go. If I can’t get baby Alamo to love me, I don’t know if I have any hope. It’s literally so easy to get a dog to like you. You literally just have to say hi to a doggy, and it immediately falls in love with you. 

Recently, cat owners took to Reddit to share things that rubes like me would not know about cats, and it’s actually pretty informative! Who would have thought? 

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