Chill Memes That Are Just For Fun

During this time of the year, all I want to do is relax. It’s been a long, challenging year of being me, and it’s only May, for Pete’s sake. My personal remedy for any burnout is two things: Dance Moms and Yahtzee. These two activities scratch my brain better than anything. I feel like it’s a medical miracle for burnout. Playing Dance Moms on my computer and playing Yahtzee on my phone simultaneously could almost cure any ailment. Combine these two with lying around, and I am the most well-rested person who ever lived. 

The key to these two activities is that they balance each other out. Dance Moms is so mindless; it’s unbelievable. It actively kills brain cells when you watch it. Yahtzee, on the other hand, is only slightly beneficial for your mind. It’s a game of luck and skill, but only a little skill. When thrust together, your brain goes wholly neutral and starts to build itself up from being burnt out. 

This combo is what works for me, but I bet there are hundreds of other combos of lazy activities that work for you! Maybe it’s online Scrabble and hyperpop. Better yet, perhaps it’s advertising podcasts and random memes. If it’s the latter, it’s time for you to open up your Spotify and scroll down. 

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