Classic Leonardo DiCaprio Memes in Celebration of His 48th Birthday

I’ve known for over twenty years that Leonardo DiCaprio‘s birthday is November 11th. As an aging millennial, he was the heartthrob for me. Sure, Jonathan Taylor Thomas had his moment, but Leo was a serious actor. He may be a little thiccer than when I daydreamed about our eventual (in my mind, inevitable) marriage, but the dude has got star power. And now, at the ripe old age of 48, he’s also got a whole lot of meme power. 

Leonard DiCaprio has been a mainstay of the memeosphere for as long as we can remember. In the beginning times, people mostly made memes about how he had never won (and certainly deserved) an Oscar. After 2016, when he won the award for his acting in The Revenant, those memes obviously died off. But they were replaced with new and arguably stronger memes, like the ‘Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing’ memes, or the pointing memes from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Most recently, Leo’s been the subject of mockery about his dating preferences, which until recently seemed to revolve around women 25 and younger. Whatever your preference for Leo memes, there’s no denying that he’s been immortalized in the world of internet humor. To celebrate his birthday, and his impact on the meme world, we’ve put together a selection of memes featuring his incredibly recognizable face. Happy birthday, Leo, and thanks for the laughs.  

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