Clueless Parents Let Toddler Wear Squeaky Shoes to Wedding

Toddlers are naturally attracted to all sorts of disruptive toys and gadgets that always seem to make the most annoying noises one could possibly comprehend. It’s amazing that adult humans design these things to be highly irritating—are they just trolling parents with these things? Whoever invented kids shoes that squeak is either five years old or borderline evil. Then again, a lot of parents find squeaky shoes useful for getting toe-walking toddlers to learn how to walk heel to foot. I totally get it, parents need to take what they can get when it comes to fun educational tools, but there’s a time and a place for loud loafers, and a wedding ain’t one of them.

u/Cymbal_Monkey recently ranted on r/entitledparents about one couple who let their kid wear squeaky shoes to a wedding. The toddler was apparently squeaking all throughout some rather touching wedding speeches. While some redditors in the comment section were baffled by the mere existence of noisy kids shoes, others (mostly parents) were a bit more understanding. 

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