DoorDash Employee Busted After Stealing Customer’s Doritos Locos Taco

DoorDash, while rightfully under fire for sketchy business practices, is an incredibly helpful service. If I’m hungry at 11pm and there’s nothing open in my food desert of a neighborhood, I can usually count on a dasher to bring me some hot food that will keep my hangry away. The service also allows customers to order from a much wider delivery area than most services, a luxury that often doubles food offerings and allows for a little variety when the stomach grumbles strike. 

While it’s easy to praise a service for bringing food to tired, lazy, or sick people, the company does have its drawbacks. Items are known to go missing with pretty serious frequency. And the company is very generous with their credits when a situation like that does occur. Mistakes happen. But sometimes the disappearing food is the result of a more sinister situation: food theft. 

This is what @katelyn8560 experienced recently when using DoorDash to order food from Taco Bell for her family. After the meal was dropped at her door, Katelyn Haun noticed that the bag was ripped but didn’t think much of it. These things happen in transit. And when she noticed her Doritos Locos taco was missing, she simply waved it off as a mistake. Again, things happen. But when she saw the proof of drop-off photo from her Dasher, everything made sense. The photo featured a cameo from the delivery person’s fingers, and they were very clearly covered with the vibrant orange hue of Dorito dust. For shame. 

The amusing tale of thievery gone wrong quickly became viral on TikTok. And when some people complained that the saga seemed stage, Haun promptly provided receipts in another TikTok. Going viral is cool, but eating tacos is cooler. Our favorite part of this story is that even though the Dasher swiped the freakishly orange menu item, Haun still tipped 30%. She’s no Javert. If people are stealing food, chances are they’re hungry. And Haun is a freakin’ gem.  

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