Dude Spends $100 on Paltry Amount of Groceries, Gets Roasted For Buying Pre-Cut Fruit and Name Brand Cereal

Grocery shopping is not easy these days. Inflation is high, and the prices just aren’t what they were two or three years ago. You have to be so strategic to get more bang for your buck, and even when you’re careful, you still end up spending a fortune. 

My local grocery store has it’s perks. I can get a box of pasta for $1.99, which is nice. However, there is only one brand of pasta sauce that isn’t $11 dollars a pop! I am so loyal to that $4.99 pasta sauce, it’s like I’m married to it. Buying shelf items is hard enough, but getting fruit is a minefield. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to pay $7 for strawberries that will just go bad in a week’s time. 

One dude recently went viral for pointing out the high cost of groceries. He shared a picture of $100 worth of groceries, a paltry spread of produce and cereals, and people are roasting him for using no tact while shopping. Not everybody agrees with that analysis. 

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