Entitled Father Demands Son Pay For His $20K Vacation With His Other Sons, Won’t Allow The Paying Son to Tag Along

When you get into a good financial position, you often feel empowered to help out struggling family members or friends. Giving a little extra cash to your parents or siblings can be a noble deed, but it’s essential to keep your eyes open and recognize if you’re being taken advantage of. A man recently went viral on Reddit after sharing his story of this variety. After a couple of years of financing his father’s vacation, he ultimately reached a breaking point when he asked for a vacation with his other sons worth $20K. I know that traveling can be expensive, but there’s no world where you should be paying $20K for a vacation, even if you’re rich. That’s not even the worst part. The 31-year-old son was happy to finance the vacation if his father let him tag along, but he refused to extend an invite. After that, all hell broke loose in this family. 

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