Everyone’s Roasting James Corden For Gyrating in Cringey Amazon Flash Mob

Many people refer to James Corden as a polarizing figure. But judging by the internet this weekend, that’s a generous assessment of the public’s opinion of the British entertainer. On Friday, Corden was part of an LA flash mob that included Camila Cabello, Billy Porter, and Idina Menzel. The stunt, which stopped the infamous Los Angeles traffic, was intended to promote Amazon Studios’ upcoming release of Cinderella.

The flash mob was definitely successful in garnering attention, but it definitely isn’t the kind of positive press that we assume they were looking for. Instead, after clips were shared to Twitter, the internet reacted by absolutely roasting Corden, saving little contempt for Cabello and the other dancers getting it on to J. Lo’s‘Let’s Get Loud.’ While we’re not fans of cyber-bullying, we can’t help but enjoy the scathing commentary, if only for the rare moment of internet unity in the face of unadulterated cringe. To celebrate this momentous feeling of togetherness, we’ve put together a hefty roundup of the best roasts the weekend had to offer. Hope James is doing okay. 

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