Fed Up Professor’s Rant To Students Wins Admiration Of The Internet

Higher education can be a drag. The extortionate fees that you have to pay for the pleasure of being a student may be bad, but dealing with students en masse as a teacher can be even worse. Exasperated with long term times and overloaded with work, it’s a wonder how many educators manage not to snap. However, a professor teaching @hailzfitz444 came very close to the brink, revealing all in a hilarious email which she shared to Twitter.

Tired of students being confused about deadlines, he flamboyantly clarifies the terms of the paper he requests everyone turns in and takes pleasure in detailing how he intends to burn every single assignment once they have been marked. His exasperation was specific, but even those who don’t work in education were able to identify with his plight.

The tweet had a (kind of) happy ending, with the professor in question reaching out and confirming that he was, in fact, doing OK. Whether the same could be said for all his students is anyone’s guess.


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