Fitness Influencer Who Had Anti-Bloating Pill Wedding Annoys Internet Again With Post-Wedding «Wellness Recovery Day»

One thing that most people can agree on about weddings is that they aren’t supposed to be a healthy event. Aside from celebrating the marriage, excess is what they’re all about. This is part of the reason that when an influencer shared her supposedly health-conscious wedding a while ago, the internet was not too impressed. 

I’ve got some bad news: these shenanigans didn’t end after the big day. This lady is back to let us know that the ordeal of her nuptials was carried on the day after, when she invited all of her guests to a «wellness recovery day». 

Involving such things as work outs, vitamin IVs, and lots of branded health food, it’s not most peoples’ idea of what they’d like to be doing after a wedding. Not surprisingly, Twitter had plenty to say about this unorthodox event. There’s a fine line between self care and self punishment. 

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