Frustrated Manager’s Twitter Thread Reveals How COVID-19 Brings Out The Worst In Customers

As hysterical citizens flock to Targets, Walmarts, and local businesses to hoard toilet paper and hand sanitizer, some seem to forget that the people stocking shelves and managing stores are humans, too. Frustrated grocery store manager @dadopotamus took to Twitter to share his feelings about many COVID-19 fear shoppers: 

«I manage a grocery store.  I gotta say.  You’re all giant scumbags.»

While the tweet may seem negative, other retail workers joined in to share their experiences, and those of loved ones who are crumbling from the stress of trying to help people get the supplies they need. While of course there are polite people taking only what they need during this crisis, according to this thread there are far more people crying injustice and treating workers like crap. We’ve included many of the anecdotes in this gallery, but for more disappointment (and some seriously defensive tweets) check out the thread here.

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