Girlboss Boasts About Rearranging Her Phone Apps, No-one Is Impressed

If some parts of social media are anything to go by, it would seem that we’re living in the age of manifestation. Anybody who’s anybody wants to find a better place in life is placing their hopes in willing it into reality. 

The method is simple. All you have to do to attract happiness, love and money is act like you definitely have each of those things already.  More importantly, its proponents are everywhere: purpose made accounts like Affirmations sell the idea in a semi-ironic colorful aesthetic and countless spiritual practitioners are selling the dream that you attract what you think.

Understandably, not everyone is overly convinced about this. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped the concept from becoming popular with every hustle-ready influencer and wannabe in the land, although some of them have also faced a severe dunking for it. 

The latest of these is @girlsthatinvest on Twitter, who received criticism after posting about her dedication to the grift. Taking tips from an anonymous CEO, she rearranged all the app folders in her phone not as functions but as affirmations. 

Aside from the baffling app correspondences (how is Uber blessed?) people took issue with the level of metaphysical micromanagement she had managed to squeeze into one small home screen. It’s bad enough that we’re all unhappy and poor because we don’t think hard enough, but combining it with our screen addictions goes the extra mile. Put it this way, most Twitter users aren’t that grateful for how «connected» they are when they find the next terrible internet thing to get mad at.

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