Hapless Husband Goes Viral for Trying to Hire Gay Man to Party With Wife

All relationships involve compromise. Nobody is going to win every battle, or can expect to see the toilet seat put down every morning. No matter how compatible a couple may be, there are always certain things on which they differ — like hobbies, for instance. There are plenty of good reasons to not want to go clubbing every weekend, but what do you do if your partner loves getting lost in the dance?

If you’re anything like one guy who recently posted on Craigslist, it’s time to outsource that hobby. When @davey87654321 stumbled upon a man seeking a companion for his wife to go out partying with in Brooklyn, he thought it looked like the perfect gig. While others on Twitter were less sure, they were definitely entertained by the unusual job listing. Although it’s (kind of) wholesome that this woman’s partner wanted her to have a good time, you would hope she could get some friends to go clubbing with without paying them.

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