Happy and Wholesome Moments of Non-Toxic Masculinity

With all the incels and men’s rights activists out there, it’s pretty damn easy to worry about toxic masculinity and future generations. Many of my friends who are parents worry about bullying, bigotry, addiction, school shootings, and dangerous internet challenges. The world wide web has made many of these problems more prevalent. Being a parent is scary. 

Beyond those celebrities doing charity and making Instagram or Twitter posts about the latest hot-button social issue, it doesn’t feel like there are many role models young men (and women) can look up to. But it’s important to remember that there are still men out there that restore us with hope with their kind hearts and excellent values. The Facebook group Wholesome Masculinity Spotting is a community that highlights the men who restore our faith in humanity.  It features posts about great fathers, open-minded men in closed-minded places, and guys who aren’t afraid to be goofy or emotional. They’re not just people men and boys should look up to, they’re people we can all take a lesson from. We love to see it.

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