Homeowner Gives Everyone Anxiety After Showing Off Futuristic Smart Home

One of the most unprecedented parts of living in the modern world is how much of our lives are dictated by computers. They are integral to everything from finding a job to shopping for groceries and as technology advances, they are becoming more and more of an essential part of our homes. Without getting too ‘we live in a society’ about it, it’s scary to think what might happen if these things stopped working. 

This is not a fear shared by everyone, as a recent video by @whatsinside has made clear. In it, a man gives a tour of a super futuristic house that seems to act like one big party trick. Showing off everything he can control from his phone, he demonstrates things like turning on taps, operating the water slide in the swimming pool and making the piano play itself. 

The whole thing is house porn on steroids, if you are an Elon Musk wannabe with a taste for suburbia. However, much of the internet was less than impressed with what it offered. Pointless luxury aside (who needs that many shower heads?) many people called attention to the security issues of hackers, viruses or just a plain old-fashioned evil sentient robot takeover, à la classic sci-fi. Perhaps the rest of us should stick to switching the lights on ourselves for the time being.

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