Hooters Waitress Refuses Alcohol To Entitled Minors, Faces Petty Revenge

Any server can tell you that there are a hell of a lot of stingy people out there. Apparently, the fact that somebody can afford the luxury of going out to eat doesn’t mean that they’re willing to pay for everything involved in that. 

When customers are difficult to boot, it only makes the whole thing even more awkward. While in theory, the job just involves smiling and handing out plates, the experience often calls for professional level competency in the skill of conflict resolution.

This was something that @kenzjee ended up putting to the test recently, when she had to serve a table of teenage customers that tried to order alcohol. When she refused, she ended up with an unwelcome surprise on the check for the drinks that they had purchased. 

Sharing her experience to TikTok, some viewers felt that the mean-spirited gesture had been deserved. Others, though, sympathized with the fact that she had had to deal with the situation. It’s never nice to face blowback when you’re just trying to do your job, especially when it’s this immature.


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