Introvert Memes for Grateful Loners Enjoying ‘Me Time’ (July 28, 2023)

Whenever I’m feeling social, I like to hold my breath, count to 10, and then reassess. Usually after 10 thoughtful seconds, it becomes incredibly clear that the wave of social energy was brief and the true introvert in me emerges with renewed power and sensibility. Let’s be honest, the fleeting nature of extroversion is like a passing wave– it’s powerful and overwhelming, but ultimately passes. So when your friend group starts texting you to go out on a Friday night, keep in mind that while the fun and games may sound like fun and games, the real good time is waiting for you at home on your couch with a face mask, a bottle of wine, and your favorite Shark Week episodes. 

Fellow introverts, do not be fooled this weekend by enticing plans of drinking and merriment, because we all know that the end result will be you wishing you were back home already, dreading a $50 Uber and the endless small talk with the rando’s your friends always seem to bring to the party. Thank you everyone for your attempts at camaraderie, but I already have my friends and I don’t need any new ones. Please submit your friendship applications to the trash, because that’ll save me a step.

So if you’re avoiding some social gathering this weekend or just want to scroll memes while you’re waiting for your train to arrive, check out this week’s batch of introvert memes for socially anxious folks and grateful loners who love ‘me time’ more than ‘we time’. Finished with this collection? Check out last week’s introverted memeage

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