Land O Lakes Says Bye To Butter Maiden, Inspires Cringey Facebook Posts & Memes

Earlier this month dairy giants Land O Lakes announced the removal of the Native American ‘butter maiden’ from their packaging. The symbol, which some loyal fans viewed as iconic, has long received criticism after nearly 100 years of its use. The Native American woman was seen by many as an offensive and stereotypical depiction of North America’s indigenous peoples. The move, despite its good intentions, has been met with a surprising and, frankly, ridiculous amount of backlash – mostly from boomers with Facebook accounts and lots of time on their hands. Angry users have been angrily spamming the Land O Lakespage, telling the brand they’ll never buy the butter again, and shaming them for people «woke snowflakes.» These people are, unsurprisingly, being mocked and chided on Twitter, both for being absolutely unhinged and for refusing to sympathize with the plight of real Native American women in the states.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people have taken it upon themselves to ‘shopthe butter packaging. The memes range from low-effort (Land-O Lakes…get it??) to the very easy political jab of replacing the maiden with Elizabeth Warren. The whole thing is pretty ludicrous, but in times like this, we just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the memes.

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