Magnificent Multitude Of Animal Memes: 16 Silly, Witty And Derpy Memes Featuring Cute And Cool Animals

A long time ago, in the ancient city of Memephis, lived a great and powerful emperor, whose skill with wacky animal comedy had no equal. This great emperor was known as the Memelord, and was worshipped as a semi-divine being. Later, this city would grow, until eventually it became the city-state of Memelandia, the emperor now just a distant memory in some of the elder citizens’ minds.

Eventually, the emperor would fade from memory altogether, until one day, brave and courageous explorers from the Memelandian chapter of the Fur Baby Museum would come across an underground cavern, with instructions on how to find the lost city of Memephis. With this information, an ameowzing subterranean adventure has been planned, with only the best of the best, all to unearth this memenificent mystery!

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