Memes That Will Freshen Up Your Day With Their Funniness

There is nothing like feeling refreshed. There are so many ways to let yourself feel a little fresher. I personally like to guzzle down a bottle of lemon-lime-flavored Gatorade to get those sweet, sweet electrolytes up. Now that’s what I call refreshment. I also enjoy taking a shower and changing the sheets on my bed to give myself a fresh feeling. There is truly nothing like it. 

Being «fresh» or a «freshman» is often ridiculed when you’re in school. You’re not supposed to be fresh; you’d be much better off if you were soph or june or sein. But guess what? Those aren’t even words. But «fresh» is a word; you better believe it! Your older classmates want to bring the fresh meat down a peg and ridicule your giant backpacks. Don’t let them! Your backpack is filled to the brim with stuff for a reason!!! If you’re currently a freshman of any kind and you’re struggling, just remind yourself that being fresh is not a crime. It’s okay to be the new guy in town, and soon enough, you won’t be so fresh and new anymore. 

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