Memes & Tweets For The Fed Up Working Class

Looks like we’re entering another lockdown in America as Covid-19 spikes across the country. And guess what? Millions of people are still unemployed, don’t have health insurance, and CARES Act programs are about to expire. But for the United States, screwing over its workers who produce all the wealth for the country is nothing new. The long-standing structural failure in America is simply rearing its ugly head now that crisis is ubiquitous. But hey, at least we have memes

If you’re pissed off like millions of other common Americans, these relatable working class memes might resonate with you. 

DISCLAIMER: This page is for entertainment purposes only. If you have questions about Coronavirus, or think you came in contact with a COVID-19 carrier, please check the CDC FAQs or contact you local health provider for accurate information. Stay safe everyone.

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