Millennial Things & Relatable Memes for Weary 30-Somethings

Millennials. When we’re not busy ruining the economy with our decadent avocado toast and otherwise utilitarian consumer behavior, we’re tending to our 5k-follower shitpost accounts, wondering where we went wrong in life. 

Is this really all there is? The millennial thinks to herself as she stands in line at the local overpriced café. She consults her bank app as if it were a crystal ball, providing guidance on whether or not to go for that extra pastry. Then she goes off to her second freelance job that she hates but can’t quit because her landlord just increased the rent by $500. Her mom is always asking her why she’s not married yet, always finding a way to slip in a reminder that those fertile years are running out. I’m going to adopt a cat, she decides on a whim. After spending an indulgent three hours looking online for cats to adopt instead of working, she comes up with another brilliant idea. I’m going to start an Instagram account for cat memes. 

Keep scrolling for a bunch of painfully relatable tweets and millennial memes packed with nostalgia

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