Mother Skips Daughters Graduation Because Her Oldest Daughter Gave Birth The Night Before

No parent wants to have to choose between children during important moments in their lives. People can plan around this as much as they want, making sure weddings don’t fall on milestone birthdays, etc. However, sometimes nature takes its course, and babies are born on graduation days. One recent grad was put in this situation, and her mom chose not to attend her graduation. This would make sense if the baby were literally born as she got handed her diploma, but that wasn’t the case. Her older sister gave birth over 12 hours before the graduation ceremony. The birth had no complications, and the baby’s father’s family was also at the hospital. Everything lined up to allow both parents to attend their younger daughters’ graduation ceremony, and yet, the mother decided to skip it. Reddit users weighed in to answer if the youngest daughter was the bad guy with a resounding «no.» 

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