Nostalgic Early 2000’s Comedy Skits That Remind You of Your Teenage Dirtbag Years

There were a lot of things about the 2000’s that were cringe. Belts over shirts, Spencer’s, Hummers, and Limewire downloads.


However, there are also a handful of things from the 2000’s that were influenced by the digital era, yet still unmarked by the mayhem and accessibility of the world wide web. We still had flip phones, a walkman, and of course, the community gathering place wasn’t online on Facebook, but in person at the local mall. 


Flair low-rise jeans might be back in style, but some memories are meant to stay locked away in the past. However, sometimes it’s nice to get a dose of nostalgia every now and then, even if it’s just to remind you to start a nighttime beauty regimen or to consider the effects of botox. So if you ever watched a Disney Channel Original Movie or practiced late night belly dance routines, these skits are for you.

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