People Argue About Which Character Will Be the «Yellow Guy» of the 2020s

Every decade ends up being defined by certain things that happened within it. From the fashion, to the music, to the politics, our collective memories are so bad that we need things repackaged in digestible, bitesize pieces so we can have an idea of what everything was like back in the good old days. 

Thanks to Twitter, we now have a new and novel way of doing this. Think about your favorite recent time period: what was the Yellow Guy that seemed to dominate it? While we are fast approaching the mid-2020s, @xenoindustrial has suggested that we are yet to find a fictional character in this color that will come to represent the culture of this time.

It’s led to a lot of people coming up with their own suggestions, as well as disputing some of the different selections for past decades. It would be kind of cool if we could agree on one for each. The Bart Simpson years has a more interesting ring to it than the nineties. 

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