People Charmed By Spider-Man Cake Topper Doing Some Heavy Lifting

Everybody knows that cake is one of the things that makes a birthday a birthday. If life insurance ads are anything to go by, there’s nothing like those cherished childhood memories of family members singing to you as you blow out the candles. Should anything get in the way of that, it is of course an unmitigated disaster — so when @KahbeloMohlah02‘s son’s tiered birthday cake started to slip, he was lucky to have a helper to keep it from disintegrating completely. 

While the cake itself was probably beyond repair, its courageous Spider-Man topper had propped it up just enough to stop it from falling. Providing the perfect opportunity for some Peter Parker inspired puns, Twitter was at the ready with a running commentary on the amusing mishap. Who needs a birthday cake when you have social media virality?

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