‘Pizza GF & Super Mario BF’ and Other Spicy Memes From the Euro 2020 Final

Welp lads, it didn’t come home for England. But the memes sure came home for the rest of us. 

While the world watched a very tense final Euro 2020 match between England and Italy, some of the more meme-oriented fans out there were a little more focused on the funny reaction pics and spicy tweets. It’s always fun to see the memes that come out of funny audience moments caught on the jumbotron, and the winners of Euro 2020 were ‘pizza gf & Mario bf,’ hands down. 

The couple’s resemblance to those ‘bro explaining‘ memes was too uncanny not to point out, and Twitter didn’t hold back one bit. Pizza girl and Mario boy weren’t the only meme stars of football. Many took the opportunity to poke fun at the players themselves and, of course, members of the Royal Family. Keep scrolling for some of the best memes from the epic Euro 2020 final. 

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