Resurfaced Clips From ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Make Tyra Banks Look Like a Sociopath

The aughts were a wild time for reality television. Back in the day, hosts could practically verbally abuse unpaid contestants of a gameshow and no one would bat an eye. America’s Next Top Model is a prime example of such a show, whose host, Tyra Banks has become infamous for her cruelty. In 2020, as old clips from America’s Next Top Model first began to resurface and go viral, Tyra Banks vaguely acknowledged the problematic nature of the show, stating in a tweet, ‘Been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments and I agree with you. Looking back, those were some really off choices.’ But Tyra’s feeble attempt to hold herself accountable wasn’t enough to stop the retroactive criticism.

Yet another ANTM clip has recently been unearthed by @gangly_bitch. The video excerpt shows Tyra Banks playing mind games with two contestants who both believe they’re about to go home. Other Twitter users in the thread compare the clip to Squid Game, Surviving R. Kelly, and other series that depict abuse and psychological torture. We can criticize shows like these all we want, but the fact is that millions of people still watched. Are we just as bad as Tyra? Keep scrolling to see the clips for yourself and how others reacted. 

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