Ridiculous Tale Of Dumb Office Cat Wins Hearts, Brings Wild Revelations

Office politics are always a tricky thing. It doesn’t matter how much you just want to get your head down and work, there always has to be some kind of petty drama to provide a distraction. Add into the mix that some of your colleagues aren’t even human, and that starts to make things even more complicated. 

This was exactly the kind of situation that got u/throwawayorangecat into a pickle recently, as they told Reddit of the sorrows they had been experiencing thanks to their treatment of workplace cats Jean and Jorts. An overprotective co-worker named Pam had accused them of discriminating against Jorts for being less intelligent by putting down a doorstop, because the cat was unable to get through the door otherwise.

After multiple Redditors assured them that their co-worker was being unreasonable, u/throwawayorangecat provided a hilarious update that suggested that all had been happily resolved — although not without things getting even more absurd. It’s a story that can only be truly understood by reading it, so without further ado, here is the saga of Jorts and the learning curve. If only all HR departments were so understanding.


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