Satisfying Times Total Jerks Were Taxed for Their Rudeness

There’s no shortage of people who strut around like the whole universe revolves around them, and those people are mad annoying (especially if you work in the service industry). But it can be pretty hilarious when someone is entitled to their own detriment, or when choosing beggars get taxed extra for their rudeness. For example, when I used to bartend back in the day, I enjoyed being generous to customers for no reason. It felt good to improve some random stranger’s day with a free drink or small discount. One day, a particularly grumpy-looking customer came in and ordered a glass of wine and a chocolate chip cookie. I smiled and told the customer, «I’ve never seen you before! I’ll give you half-off your first drink.» The customer scoffed and said in a sarcastic tone, «wow, maybe I can buy a whole stick of gum with the extra couple bucks.» I cancelled the discount and said, «You’re right, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. You can pay full price. My apologies.» That’s what we like to call the asshole tax, and there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to satisfying times jerks had to pay the price for their rudeness. We’ve collected all of our favorite examples from the subreddit for anyone who’s ever encountered entitled bozos in the wild and needs a bit of schadenfreude. 

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