Scathing Self-Owns From Poets of Self-Deprecation

If you’re a human being, chances are you’ve felt insecure during at least one stage of your life. Some people never even manage to escape the dark and lonely psychological pit of self-deprecation. But of the people who are a bit too hard on themselves, there are always those few special ones who make up for it by being hilarious on the internet, and for that we are grateful. 

If you’re craving a bit of schadenfreude, we’ve got just the collection of scathing self-owns that range from comedy genius to downright sad. We even threw in a few unintentional self-owns, which is a wonderful genre all on its own. Everyone knows it’s wrong and bad to laugh at someone getting bullied on the internet, but what if the bully is also the victim? Are we allowed to laugh if someone is savagely roasting themselves? In my opinion, I think it should be permitted. Keep scrolling if you agree. 

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