“She’ll never work […] again”: Woman finally gets justice on old high school bully with a dish best served cold

If you saw a chance to get revenge on someone who tormented you in your past, would you? Sometimes the opportunity simply presents itself and it would be crazy not to take it—like you were disrespecting karma and it’s gift to you. Well, on woman got her revenge years after high school and she made sure to not miss her chance to serve it cold. 

According to the reddit post, this woman had two very cruel bullies all of high school. They would physically harm her and then when she would try to report them to the teachers, they would somehow get out of it. It was horrible. What can you even do in that case? Everyone knows, however, as the years roll on, the bullies eventually get what they deserve. 

One day this woman decided to try a new ice cream shop. It prided itself on being extra attentive to anyone with food allergies. This was perfect for OP because she couldn’t have gluten or diary. She went and hesitated when she saw who was behind the counter serving the ice cream. It was one of her old high school bullies. She new this girl would never change, so she plotted a plan to finally get justice. She knew that this bully would still try to pull some crap to torment her even now, so she ordered her diary-free/gluten-free ice cream, but she made sure to record every step without the bully knowing. In the video, she got herself ordering the allergy-specific ice cream, and then caught the girl going to the back and adding some milk and gluten-filled toppings. The bully served it to her with a smirk and even told her to enjoy it. The woman, shining with justice, nicely asked to speak to the owner to thank them for being so allergy-conscience, but instead showed him the footage of the bully intentionally trying to basically poison her. She even pressed charges and now the bully cannot work around food anywhere in their area. 

Like we said, revenge is a dish best served cold. Read the entire story for yourself below! 

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