Stay-at-Home Memes for Grateful Introverts Thriving During ‘Me Time’ (August 18, 2023)

The only living thing I want to hang out with this weekend is my cat. After a week of talking to coworkers, dealing with work drama, and dodging invitations to gender reveal parties, an introvert just needs some time to themselves. After 15 minutes of small talk, the average introvert needs at least 3-5 business days to fully recover their social battery, so any extrovert that’s taken in a rescue introverted friend of their own, please be aware of this recovery time. Your rescue does NOT want meet any of your other friends. That little maneuver is going to cost them 51 years.

So if you’re just a regular loner, be sure to get some ‘me time’ this weekend because you’ll likely be inundated next week with more social interactions than you care for. To help quell the pains of idle chit-chat, here’s a list of relatable introvert memes for grateful loners who are happy to recharge their social battery all alone at home. 

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