The Classic ‘Did It Hurt’ Pick Up Line Is Getting Rudely Remixed on Twitter

Confession: Nobody has ever used a pick up line on me. Based on my dating history (I’ve had a lot of boyfriends, but they all went to different schools) I’m going to assume it’s because they’ve finally become passé unless you’re at a dive bar filled with men over sixty. Despite the apparent falling off of corny pick up lines, there’s one that’s managed to weasel its way back into relevancy. We’re talking about the old «Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?» line. 

While the phrase may feel as old as time, its first known appearance was in The Tampa Tribune – and even the Florida paper advised against using it. The cringe factor hasn’t stopped Twitter users from abusing the line. In fact, it may have encouraged them. 

The first iteration of this meme happened on July 20th, but it was really the above tweet from @thisyearsgurl that inspired people to go absolutely ham and inundate the timeline with their own rude, referential, self-deprecating and dark iterations. While some of the jokes are predictable (people will never stop mocking English degrees), others poke fun at everything from astrological placements to decades old YouTube videos. And somehow, despite the fact that the meme has been around for days, we’re still seeing it on the timeline. And now you must, too.

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