The Funniest Tweets About The Try Guys Cheating Scandal

Another «wholesome» man who loves his wife has been exposed as a no-good, dirty rotten cheater. Allegedly. 

Ned from the web series The Try Guys has come under fire for ALLEGEDLY cheating on his wife. For the uninitiated, The Try Guys are a group of four guys (Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach) who try various things, such as a new food, an activity, or some kind of a challenge. They make videos documenting their experience trying said thing, and everyone has a grand old time. With the series beginning on Buzzfeed in 2014 and running ever since, The Try Guys are a staple for longtime Gen-Z fans, and their corny wholesome brand has yet to crumble. Until now. 

Fans on r/thetryguys have noticed that Ned has not been in the last couple of videos put out by the titular guys. A video has since surfaced of Ned allegedly making out with a woman named Alex from Food Babies, another show under The Try Guys brand. The only problem is Ned is married, and fans are deeply knowledgeable about him and his wife Ariel’s seemingly perfect relationship. This cheating allegation has sparked some hilarious and scathing tweets

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