The Miserable, Memeable Magic Of Ben Affleck

Barely a day goes by that the world isn’t graced with a new photo of Ben Affleck in a predicament. The actor, director and perennial online sad guy can’t seem to stop upholding the entertainment industry to internet meme complex.

We’ve watched him struggle to carry his Dunkin Donuts orders and throw out cardboard cutouts of ex-girlfriends. We’ve endured him precariously dangling his Macbook from his fingertips in the way only a truly rich person can. Most important of all, we’ve witnessed his smoking habit, photos of which communicate a level of fed up that is so relatable it is almost a superpower. 

However, these antics all pale in comparison to the news that he has rekindled an old romance with Jennifer Lopez. Photographed together over the weekend, J Lo’s apparent happiness is countered by Affleck’s notably gloomy face — birthing yet another meme in the making.

In the age of social media, his demeanor is both a blessing and a curse. It all adds to a recognizable personal brand, but meme connoisseurs might find it easier to name his most recent paparazzi mishaps before one of his most recent movies. However, this does mean that everybody gets to enjoy the beautiful phenomenon of Ben Affleck-related memes, like the few curated below to celebrate it.

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