The Old One-Two of Memes & More Memes

We all know that when you find yourself perusing a list like this, you have come here for one thing. To state the obvious, you’re on the hunt for memes. There are all manner of places you could go to in order to try and scratch that itch, but it is here where you’re going to do it. So, we’re here to deliver. Just like usual, there are a whole bunch of memes here to be semi-interestedly glanced over. Most of them will soon be forgotten, maybe a few will be shared with friends — and perhaps there will even be a couple that genuinely make an impact. 

The greatest memes always come when we least expect them, so it’s always a good thing to have an open mind about looking at them. Even if it proves to be disappointing, at least you killed another couple of minutes. That’s all we can hope for. 

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