‘[They] already got his money’: Twitter Reacts to Kid Rock’s ‘Protest’ Against Budweiser, Shooting Cases of Bud Light After the Company Supported Trans Spokesperson, Dylan Mulvaney

If you were born before 2000, you might have heard of Kid Rock. If not, in summary, he’s a washed up musician who grew up rich but acts like white trash and he’s basically the human version of an above-ground pool. Recently, Kid Rock, who should maybe considerer changing his name to something more fitting like «Adult Rock«, wanted to put himself back into the public eye by taking a stand for something he really believes in, by being as nonsensical as possible. Although it’s contrary to many of the lyrics in his river float theme music, Kid has decided that he no longer supports the most iconic, cheap beer of all time: Bud Light. 

The company took a stand on their support of the LGBTQ+ community by partnering with a trans spokesperson to specifically promote their light beers in honor of March Madness (promo video here), but Kid didn’t like that. To prove that he hated the direction the company was going, he bought several cases of Bud Light, threw on his MAGA hat, and shot the cans with an assault rifle in a video he posted on his Instagram. But wait… does this man know what a boycott is? 

Budweiser still got your money. 

Twitter reacted hilariously to Kid’s «boycott» of the beer and criticized his backwards tactics of turning against the company. Frankly, Bud doesn’t care what you do with the beers after you buy them– they still made the sale. So apparently, according to his patronage, Kid Rock DOES support Bud Light. Financially at least. So let’s laugh together at the hilarity that ensued on Twitter. 

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