TikToker Gets Roasted by Twitter For Suggesting Extreme Fitness Activity As Alternative to Alcohol

Giving up alcohol is very difficult to do, even if you don’t consider yourself to be someone with a drinking problem. Every year, people give up on Dry January after one too many close encounters with their friends cracking open a cold one. 

Those who tend to succeed often find some kind of distraction that takes them away from the idea of drinking. There are all kinds of ways to do this, but not all of them are as OTT as something that one TikToker seemed to be suggesting. 

When a screenshot from a video of her running along the bottom of a swimming pool with a weight reached Twitter, many had something to say about it. It’s definitely not a sober activity that would appeal to everyone, although some former drinkers conceded that this kind of wild adrenaline rush was what was best to replace alcohol. We’ve all got to get our kicks somehow. 

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