Top 15 Cutest Animals Of The Week To Start The Day With An ‘Aww’ (July 2, 2023)

The week has just begun. Monday is upon us. And all that we want is to stay in bed just a little bit longer. But we cannot. We must go out and conquer the day and make money so that we can spoil our pets. But we wanna make sure that we are feeling as positive and hopeful as pawssible this morning. It’s important to start the week right so that the rest of the week is filled with positivity too. So, we have to do our best to start every day on the right paw, and what’s a better, more pawsitive way to start any day than with a whole collection of awwdorable animals?

Every single week, we start your Sunday off with a brand-new collection of the cutest animals on the web. From cute dogs and cats all the way to adorable ducks and turtles, we have everything here. We promise that by the end of this listicle, you will be in a better mood than when you started it.

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