Twitter Meme Dunks On Aesthetic Romance Posting

Memes and romance are two things that don’t get along. Being genuine? About feelings? That don’t involve being depressed? Undeniably cringe.  

This incompatibility usually means that when the meme world does deal with love, it prefers to do it cynically. This can be seen in a new Twitter format that gives a sideways glance to anything resembling rose-colored glasses. 

The fad started when user @CHERRYH3AVEN put aside concerns about bugs, rain and dirt by posting a photo of a comforter laid in a field, alongside the sentence «Imagine being here with the love of your life». 

Jumping on the ridiculousness of the concept, other users turned the dreamy caption into a copypasta. The meme replaces the original image with some very unromantic places and pop culture scenes.

While the aim may have been to make fun of impractical, Instagram-friendly aesthetics, it makes a good point that love is what you make it. Although if your idea of a dream date is a dirty mattress in the backwoods, that is incredibly weird.

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