Ultra-Cringey Badasses Who Need to Take It Down a Notch

It used to be that we’d run into insufferable bullies with anger management issues a few times a year in the schoolyard, or maybe as an adult at a testosterone-filled dive bar or club. The bullies were clearly covering up a tough home life or a behavioral issue. Macho drunk dudes? Probably compensating for something. But those run-ins seemed irregular enough that we’d simply roll our eyes and go on with our lives. 

These days, however, the internet alerts us to these deluded, self-important individuals pretty damn regularly. Tough guys and girls seem to be even more adamant on appearing intimidating on the internet. Sometimes you’ll find them with an American flag icon on Twitter. Sometimes they’re flaunting the machismo on dating profiles. But the most puzzling «badass» trend is acting tough on TikTok. Is there a less intimidating app out there? Whatever the medium, these kinds of people gift us with an impressive amount of cringe on the regular. This right here is an eyeroll-worthy sampler of all the ridiculous  toughness the internet has to offer. Hope you don’t scare easy. 

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