Update: Company Still Bans Applicants From Reapplying For 12-Months After Failing ‘Personality Test’

When I was applying for jobs, I was a bit skeptical of any company that asked me to take a personality test before the interview. I understand wanting to hire somebody with good vibes, but isn’t that what the multiple rounds of interviews are for? You would think companies might do such a test to understand someone’s temperament and working style to ensure they’re suitable for this position. That, unfortunately, is not usually the purpose. Although it’s quite shady, many jobs that use «personality tests» use them to weed out people who won’t stand for an exploitative work environment.

Some companies never learn. After getting publically shamed on Reddit months ago, the Cincinnati-based company Proctor and Gamble has continued its policy of rejecting employees based on a personality test. That alone could be understandable, as Proctor and Gamble is a gigantic corporation, and they can’t meticulously look at everybody’s resume. Unfortunately, they do not stop there. P&G bans anyone who failed the personality test from applying from that job within the company for the following year. Talk about a raw deal. 

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