Weekly Treat of Cat Memes for Feline Fanatics (September 20, 2023)

Whatever did we do to deserve the companionship of cats? Seriously, it feels like the human race are far too mean and grubby to be blessed with something so reliably adorable. OK, so they are not always the easiest critter to share a home with. Anyone who has had a cat as a pet can tell you some horror stories about things they have destroyed and/or been sick on. Still, we can’t help but keep on coming back for more. 

The most low maintenance way in which to enjoy our feline friends will always be cat memes. They have all of the cuteness and entertainment with none of the responsibility. What’s even better is that there are countless examples out there for us to enjoy. Below we have a small selection of the millions that are inevitably floating around the internet. Hopefully they do the job in giving you your kitty fix.

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