Wild Tweets From People With Zero Shame

We’re all well aware that when certain people are given the gift of posting on social media, they use it for evil. But with the responses to a question posed by the infamous Twitter user @omocler, the Twitterverse unleashed a whirlwind of absurdity, pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable, appropriate, and, quite frankly, comprehensible. But that honestly makes sense, given the fact that @omocler asked users to share the craziest tweets they’d ever seen.

As one might expect, many of these tweets are bordering on offensive – and many of them, which were originally shared with abandon, have since been deleted, leaving only the echoes of their insanity behind. The reasons behind their erasure are no mystery, and if you’re someone who enjoys this kind of spice, we implore you to have a look at the original thread. It’s not for the faint of heart. Neither are many of these tweets, but they’re a spicy look at tweets that should have (and very well may have) had their authors feeling some serious regret.

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