Wild YouTube Comments That Didn’t Get Lost in the Algorithm

YouTube comments are a bit of a lost art. Fifteen years ago, every even slightly viral video’s comment section was filled with scrappy young teens trying to get as many upvotes as possible. Commenting, «Like if you are still listening to this in 2011,» would cause an outpour of support from the most gullible suckers. It meant something if you were the top comment on a YouTube video in the aughts. 

This specific public forum has improved some over the years. Fewer spam accounts are in the comments sections spouting false promises of a free iPhone. Lame copypasta memes have migrated to TikTok (I’m looking at you «only in Ohio»). These days, you are more likely to find a profound observation in YouTube comments than you are to find a good joke. Luckily, we were able to scrape up some YouTube comments that are actually funny. How novel! 

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